Villa Regadio


Cherry House, The Mountain House, outdoor leisure area with swimming pool and recreation spots 

Villa Regadio is split into two housing units: the Casa da Cereja (The Cherry House), where you will find the reception, lounge, spa and bedrooms and Casa da Serra (The Mountain House) that comprises the lounge, kitchen and bedrooms. In between there is an outdoor leisure area with swimming pool and recreation spots.

Cherry House

Merging into deep connection with nature, our rooms follow the evolution of the cherry tree throughout the seasons.

Winter is the season when the cherry tree enters a period of vegetative rest, a stage in which the tree loses all its leaves and reduces its activity to protect itself from the cold days ahead, stays in a latent state until the weather conditions are favourable to sprout with all its splendour.
we suggest that you also take a break, take a deep breath. Feel your heart beat slower. Leave the pace of everyday life and allow yourself the luxury of following nature and rest comfortably without guilt.

Each spring, the cherry tree dresses in white flowers, a magnificent display of nature’s splendour. The flower lasts only 1 to 2 weeks, rendering the majestic pinkish white mantle very fleeting. The Japanese promote the contemplation of this flower with the annual celebration of Sakura, which symbolizes the beauty and ephemerality of life.
Accept our invitation to seize the present moment and enjoy your surroundings. Our suggestion is that you take care of every detail and make the most of the space we have prepared for your rest.

With the arrival of warmer seasons, the cherry tree changes, loses all its magnificent flowers and gains lush green leaves that cover all the branches. This change is essential to lead its life cycle towards the fruit.
There are moments that transport us to what we want to be. Small changes build new paths. Even if for the time you spend with us, we suggest that you change your routine and abandon yourself to idleness.

As summer makes its appearance, so the long-awaited fruit finally arrives. It is the culmination of the entire course undertook by the cherry tree, which now presents itself in the form of a sweet, fleshy and succulent cherry, which delights those who have the opportunity to taste it.
Small moments of pleasure become experiences that we keep a lifetime. Embrace rest and make your stay with us an unforgettable story.

The Mountain House

The Serra da Estrela stands imposingly in the landscape. It is from its grandeur that an inspiration comes to this house that invites you to enjoy both summer and winter.

Nature surrounds us, leaving the imprint of its smells, colours and textures as memories engraved in the authenticity of granite and the delicacy of a flower. We suggest that you immerse yourself in nature, feel the earth and everything that springs from it, experience the mountain region in every detail.

The Serra da Estrela mountain is the Portuguese depiction of snow, that pure white mantle that seasonally covers the landscape. In winter, snow provides exceptional moments of fun with family or friends. In summer, it becomes crystal clear as it drains through the water courses carved in the mountains. It is focused on the purity of an untouched blanket of snow that we prepare the comfort of this room.

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